Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Second Wedding

Last Saturday I had the privilege to photograph the wedding of Tiffany and Waleed. The ceremony and reception were in the bride's parent's backyard which is about a mile away from my house. That was handy when I discovered I had forgotten my second camera battery. My assistant, Kirsten, was able to jump in the car and run over to my house to get the battery which I definitely needed later on.

I was so very impressed with the love and emotion that this family revealed - especially evident during the ceremony which the bride's brother performed. I'm SO glad we stayed until the entertainment arrived. The hula dancers were just delightful and so was the time when the groom joined them on the "stage."

This photograph wouldn't have looked like this without the diffuser blocking out the afternoon soon. I really wanted to photograph them in this area of the park since we had taken some shots during their engagement session here.

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Jennifer said...

and you did an amazing job, the colors are beautiful and so are the couple!