Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Session from Last Night - Perfect Poser!

This cute four-year-old, Christian, has a perfectly natural smile. I didn't even realize how perfectly he had strung the train together in this photo. I am always so intent on looking at faces and eyes that I miss other things going on in the shot!

I'm ALMOST caught up from being gone and processing late orders. I would love to be able to blog my sessions in a timely manner like this! I cannot believe it's December 4th?

BTW - my husband and I have a routine with Our Daily Bread and breakfast each morning. Today, we didn't have the newest book so, we used the laptop and had a multimedia devotion. It was a very nice, calm and relaxing voice with background music. It's a wonderful way to start our days and we aren't very disciplined with many things but we have done this for about seven years.

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