Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You Take a Picture of me Taking a Picture of You

This is another of our favorite places to go together, Fox & Obel gourmet market. It's primarily an upscale market on the corner of Illinois & McClurg but is also a sweet spot for a leisurely breakfast.

She was so cute using the cell phone at first and then she switched to my camera. It was set on Manual and she was a little disgruntled at first that she couldn't see us through the LCD and also not being used to focusing and then clicking. However, she picked it up quick enough and took a couple of terrific, I mean really great, photos of Dinna and I. I might post those later...

I was pleasantly surprised while we were out-and-about last weekend to find free parking every place we went. Fox & Obel has complimentary valet parking, Uncle Julio's does too and when we shopped on North ave we parked in a free lot. One place we didn't make it to is Trader Joe's - I really love that grocery store, too! See more photos of Paige & family on my Flickr site.

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