Thursday, July 03, 2008

4th of July

Ah, it's been a busy start to the holiday weekend. I got to have Paige for three whole days (she and I were both very excited). She's so independent for a four-year-old - knows when to take her medicine, how much, when it's time for the vitamins, when to give the dogs treats and dog food and which song is the best on her CD. We went to the Freeport library (first time for her) and checked out eight books. It is a 'novel' idea to her to return a book. The library has some great, educational toys and we even met a little girl there that we later saw at the swimming pool. After our trip to Union Dairy, we sat in Debate Square and just acted silly together. The little park is being improved in readiness for our sesquicentennial celebrations. There are a couple of photos of her on my website.

Today is mine, though, and I've just returned from picking up two pieces of Great-Grandma's maple furniture that Paul, at Celia's redid for me. I love the way they turned out. Shabby chic worked out perfectly. Now, I have to get busy and get a couple of new lights and probably different rugs for the living room where the two pieces are at home again.

Just found this blog and really love the tie-in with reading and photography - two of my very favorite things. I arrived there while googling the Wordpress blogging software. I think I want to combine my blog and website if I can figure out how to do it!

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