Monday, October 20, 2008

Grandchildren Update

I'm a little behind because I have travelled to see all my grandchildren in the past month. After the trip to Chicago, we headed out to Ohio at the very beginning of October. We thought we would be seeing two football games, but plans changed a little when Jason broke his leg during his third game of the season. He was unbelievably disappointed to learn that not only would he not be able to play any more football for the season, but he could not play basketball for his 7th grade class either.

So, Nic has taken over the football limelight playing center and being involved in every single play for his fifth grade team, the Raiders.

Two weeks ago I went to Iowa to see both of my sisters, AND to watch Kelby's flag football game and Erin's ballerina class. What a hoot - Kelby was fairly prancing with joy as he dodged and weaved to evade the flag stealers.

Last, I took many photos of Erin and the other three-year-old ballerinas learning to be graceful with tap shoes and little soft ballet slippers. They spent most of the time doing their own thing but I can see graceful potential in this pretty little girl -

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