Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ruckus Last Night

I was up late watching the inDesign video from Kevin Swan and finally went to locate Bogie at about 11:30. It was odd that he wasn't already sound asleep on our bed but found him studying the backyard from the West Wing instead. He immediately started barking ferociously like - it was like his "there's a cat" bark but only louder. At first I couldn't see anything at all out there but then a large doe come into view with four smaller ones right behind. I'm sure they could hear this 19 lb maniac and so they only stayed for a few minutes. They were so beautiful in the full moonlight.

Here's his watch post in our bedroom

I'm heading over to take some photos of a school event in a little while. I've taken alot of Cosmetology students recently and the photos cycle through on my school's homepage.

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Louise said...

I like the new photo blog. The deer must have been great. Isn't it amazing how you can tell from the bark what thay are seeing.