Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Velvet Saves Mt Hood Climbers

We love to read stories about super-hero dogs in the news. They credit Velvet, a labrador mix, with saving the lives of the Mt Hood climbers by providing them extra heat. We call our little white dog, Bogie, my little heater. He warms up my hands so nice when he curls up on my lap in our favorite chair. This morning he's all curled up after his daily leg rub when he evidently saw a cat. You can tell that it's a cat by his distinctive (and annoying) high bark. We hate to let him out when he's so hyped up like that but if we don't, he keeps scratching on the door and tearing around from window to window. Yikes!

Yesterday on our lunch-time walk we met a new little puppy in the neighborhood. She's Lily, an 11-week-old miniature Yorkshire Terrier. Bogie was so happy to see her he was literally turning flips in the air. We're so happy not to be back in the potty training stage.

Speaking of potty training, Paige is! She's coming to our house this weekend and now gets to wear her princess and Dora panties every day to pre-school. One day it just clicked with her. She'll be three on tax day.

Here's a couple more photos from Disney. I took all my night-time photos without flash with 1600 iso so they aren't all super-sharp but I love the look. I even tried shooting inside the 3D movies - doesn't work real well.

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