Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's Here - my first L series Lens

I couldn't wait for the UPS man to come tonight to deliver my new 24-70mm Canon lens. We took a stroll on the golf course and I shot a few of the dusky sky. This will be the perfect lens for a couple of upcoming jobs - an interior/exterior for somebody that renovates houses and for Highland's graduation. It has to be indoors this year due to continued construction at Krape Park. This is a wide shot of my living room -

Molly spent two nights in the hospital last week with a Strepp infection - probably caused by her central line. She had a raging fever on Wednesday upon admission. That same afternoon, my 31-year-old son found out that he has mono. How weird is that? So anyway, they both are sick.

We helped Dawn's family move and I took a bunch of new house shots as well as some hilarious ones of Kelby posing apres bath. Erin even posed good for me this time.

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Jennifer said...

wow, sounds like you have your hands full, nice picture with your new lens! I hope everyone gets better and nothing is too serious!