Thursday, June 07, 2007

First Interior Assignment

A young man that I've known since he was about five, is now refurbishing older houses for rent/resale. He asked me to take some shots and create something to commemorate his hard work. The call from him came last minute, on Monday of this week, and I already had two sessions scheduled so it has turned out to be my busiest week ever. Anyway, I took quite a bit of time with my light/flash setup so I could get a very pleasing mix of ambient light. My goal was to capture the nice, late afternoon sunlight coming in through the windows. I knew that my 24-70 wide-angle would work well here. I used one off-camera strobe bounced into a white umbrella and sometimes I used it as a shoot-through umbrella.

Here's a link to the photos that I took:
Interior Assignment

Last night I also finished the design of the inscribable guest book for the upcoming wedding, proofed the Monday night session and finished the interior project proofing. We had ALL the carpet cleaned in the house this week so, of course, I had to get my studio back in order. My first 105" role of background paper came yesterday (wheat) and we got that installed. This will be much better for the family shots that I've been doing - it was HUGE!

Tomorrow I'm off to LaCrosse to finally visit my niece in her "new" home. I think she's lived there for at least three years. I'll be shooting her family while I'm there.

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Jennifer said...

wow that is a beautiful home, I love the colors and the hardwood floors, beautiful pictures of it as well