Monday, July 09, 2007

All Tied Up

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This is one of the shots I love from the wedding on Saturday. I think these details are missed by many and are a part of the day that needs to be captured.

I'm sitting in a hotel room in Chicago this evening after my first day of Photoshop workshops. Since I didn't get to see Paigey and her parents, I made a quick trip through IKEA and the Container Store and found a couple of cool chairs for photography props. Then another bee line back to the Holiday Inn Select to watch The Closer, one of my very favorite shows on TV. How many times do you see detectives cry when they find their victim? Of course, in this case, the detective is a woman played by Kyra Sedgwick.

Anyway, I haven't stayed in a hotel room by myself for quite a while. I don't do much travelling for school any more. Since my last trips were to our timeshare in Aspen (a modest studio) and a Disney resort, I was surprised to walk in and see a very large, flat-screen, high def TV sitting on a marbe-like counter top.

We're using CS3 in the workshop and I've learned quite a few new things and I'm sure will learn even more tomorrow. I was disappointed when they cancelled the two-day Advanced workshop but I'll be glad to get back home - and keep working on those wedding photos.

The drive back made me totally miss my camera. Almost all of the sky was very overcast but the last bit of horizon where the sun was out and setting. The sun shining into all the lights on the planes coming into O'Hare looked pretty surreal.

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Jennifer said...

oh I like this shot, I love the dress details!