Monday, March 31, 2008

Kelby & Erin

They spent the weekend with us and I had a brief session to get some better lighting with them and their Easter outfits. Neither had too much patience for it, though. I love Kelby's look and how his blue eyes are so prominent. Erin is just SO cute in this red little jacket and polka-dot dress.

We went to Union Dairy on Saturday afternoon for some delicious (and HUGE) ice cream treats and then had ice cream again at Culver's on Sunday. Well, I guess we actually had it on Friday night, too. I tried to make a pinky-pact with Kelby to make him resolve not to blab everything that happens at Grandma's house. I said, what goes on at Grandma's stay at Grandma's, but, of couse, that didn't really work.

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