Monday, May 26, 2008

Nic and Jason's Sports

We went to Ohio on Mother's Day weekend so we could see Molly and Mark's new (circa 1903) house. We were also dying to see the boys play Lacrosse which is totally new to us. Jason's got rained out but we got to see a basketball game. They have improved so much by this time (six grade) and Jason pretty much lives for sports. When we got to the LaCrosse field, we were afraid it would also be cancelled since there were tornado warnings and the siren was even going off. Thank goodness it went on and it was super exciting to see Nic make a goal.

Later that evening we went to a funky restaurant and had such fun at dinner for Mother's Day. They live in Delaware which is a town about the same size of Freeport but they have a very thriving downtown business district.

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