Friday, August 08, 2008

Just the Five of Us

Just the Five of Us
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Got some good ones of all five kids this time: from left Nic, Erin, Kelby, Paige and Jason. We had an incredible time last weekend with everybody home but Andrew. We went to Cannova's Thursday night and to the lake on Friday with just Molly's family. Saturday morning, eight of us (not me) ran in the Lincoln-Douglas 5K with Lars getting first in his age group. There's a video on the Journal Standard website of Dawn and Dinna finishing. That night we went to the UD and Cruise Night. I just could not believe how many people were downtown for that. Saturday the whole group went to the lake.

It was eventful, too. Jim had to spade a ground hog to death in front of Jason. Our dog, Bogie, had him in a death grip and neither animal would cry uncle. Then, at the lake, Jim and the two girls made the mistake of all sitting on one side of the picnic table and it tipped over spilling them all onto the cement. Each one of them got scraped up but were able to laugh about it. We did SO much laughing ...

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Lori said...

What a great pic of all your grandkids. how much fun you must have had with them all there at the same time. I think I would have needed a vacation day on Monday though to rest!