Thursday, August 21, 2008

Urban Dictionary

Another interesting piece of internet importance was delivered today from Molly (along with my black shorts). This was a clipping from her paper describing the Urban Dictionary and one entry in particular. Follow the link and find out how a "mouse potato" is defined - could she be describing me??

Highland started this week and we have ben SO busy. Between photography for the nursing wing fundraising campaign and teaching brand new students how to use our instructional technology, I'm exhausted at the end of each day. Oh, how I miss Eric Welch, my old boss.

Our enrollment is up 3% this fall and we have more brand new, traditional students than we have ever had before. I'm impressed how faculty can lecture for four hours/day. It's HARD. Thankfully, they are also very experienced in crowd control. These new students can be a little rowdy at the beginning of the semester, but magically they turn into mature students who assume responsibility for their own learning. While we have physical disturbances at our high school, I have never witnessed (or heard) any of that at Highland.

We are having a great time with events for our internal fundraising for the new nursing wing. Yesterday, was a Survivor event with Karaoke and American Idol to follow. You can see lots of images from the groundbreaking ceremony right up to what's happening today at the Highland website. BTW - I take most of the middle photos on our home page. Thanks for looking.

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