Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sophie and her Brand New Family from Iowa

I was touched to meet Kerri and Eric's new daughter, Sophie, last October. The couple are long-time friends of my daugher, Dawn, and they all live in Iowa City now. The met while getting their undergrad degrees at Luther (all but Dawn) and then got their advanced degrees at the U of I. Anyway, after a long and arduous process they are blessed by this sweet little addition to their family.

The photo session actually occurred on Oct 28 (my birthday) and that is when we were celebrating Kelby's 6th birthday. It makes me miss the green and yellow glorious colors of summer and fall SO much. Especially since we have received about another seven inches of snow this week in NW Illinois.

Sophie is nine months old in these photos and it was just fascinating to hear about their experiences in China and about how Sophie started her life there. She just seemed so comfortable and relaxed to me - different than I expected. It seemed like she had been a part of their family since birth!

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