Friday, February 29, 2008

iPod Video Available


Just had to post another photo of my cool, little Nano. I've been experimenting with photo slideshows and adding video. I watched a bunch of photography podcasts while travelling to and from Ohio, too.

So, now - if your order qualifies for a DVD slideshow, I will also add the same slideshow to your iPod. My Nano is an eight gig and I must warn you, these files aren't small.

BTW - the Nano is sitting on my Circa Planner from Levenger. This paper-based calendar system is working so well for me. I love being able to punch things like the prayer list from church and add it right into my church notes section. I have a plastic, zip-lock envelope in the front to hold my receipts and coupons. A divider in the back holds my stamps and return address envelopes. Everything seems to be right where I need it now.

My time lapse documentary photos are posted on the right - they record the changes in my backyard as we move to the first day of spring in NW Illinois. Oddly, and unfortunately, there haven't been ANY changes except to get another 1/2 inch of snow yesterday. Aaacckkk -

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