Monday, February 04, 2008

Erin Turns Three - Priceless

  • Gas for trip to Iowa City - $55.00
  • Bedding for Big-Girl bed - $145.00
  • Hannah Anderson Outfit - xxxx
  • Being in church to witness Kelby protect his little sister in front of the whole Sunday School group while Happy Birthday was sung to her, watching him stroke and kiss her little head - PRICELESS

    When Erin turned three last week her big-girl bed arrived and the the "bees" were supposed to depart - or fly-away. She loves her bees so much that they haven't decided to go yet. She calls her pacifiers bees as many are shaped like bees.

    We had our our little photo session in her room with the new pretty and bright bedding that was our birthday/Christmas gift to her. She will just pose and pose. I was ecstatic to get just the right light coming in her windows to truly capture her beautiful blue eyes.

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Kim said...

How gorgeous is she?! Nancy, that skirt is fantastic, your pictures are beautiful and you have the amazing gift of capturing the curiosity inside the K Monster and Miss E. Keep up your priceless work!