Friday, April 25, 2008

Recent Sessions

April is really going fast, isn't it? We had wonderful weather last week and we were able to get most of the yard work done. Now, this weekend it's supposed to be very chilly again. That should enable me to get caught up with my photo processing and ordering. We travelled over to Galena tonight to meet Jim's sister at Vinnie's. We just marvelled at the beauty of the blossoming spring and the Creator. Barb & L.A. are celebrating their 41st anniversary - oh, my!

I haven't posted for a while but want to share some of the cute kids I've had in the past couple of weeks. Two of the babies have this sweet, spiky hair that is just barely long enough to stand out from their heads. This time, I took a bunch in the natural light of my living room with just a small softbox in the background to really highlight Jacob's hair.

At nine months, Emmory is on the move. It's a fun challenge to see what will keep kids this age in one place long enough to click the shutter button. I bought some squeakers for dog toys but nobody pays any attention to them. The turquoise tub and fish bowl (with only water in it) did the trick! She was very content to sit and splash! The goldfish appeared later photoshopmagically.

Sophie and Dillon came for Sophie's first birthday. Dillon did not want to participate very bad but you can't tell it from these photos, can you? He brought his combine with him so I sat in our wet driveway to get these images of him, trying to figure out how to combine leaves and grass. Sophie was just perfect - and her outfit matches my old rocker just perfect, too!

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