Monday, November 05, 2007

I Hate to Say "NO"

It is very difficult for me to turn people away when they call and ask for photo session appointments. However, since there really is SO little time left until Christmas, I cannot accept any new clients until 2008. I have several orders still to process and also have a few family obligations that will make this time go even quicker.

I have been stunned by the word-of-mouth response since I started in February of this year. It has been a bit over-whelming to me in the past couple of months and find that I'm glued to my glaring computer screen most of my waking hours! I will need to make some adjustments in 2008 as I continue to work my full-time job at Highland while learning to meet the demands of this part-time photography business.

I have truly been blessed to meet so many new familes and children this past year. I know this is a bit early for such a relective post, but I feel that I need to share with all of you out there. Thanks for supporting me in this new endeavor.

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