Saturday, November 24, 2007

She's Home - Molly's Home!

She finally got to come home on Friday afternoon, with all her family. How great is that!!? I came home on Thanksgiving morning with such mixed feelings. I wanted to be home, at least for a while, but I hated leaving not knowing what was happening for sure with Molly. Her infection seemed to be responding to the antibiotics and then, by Friday morning, they knew they were on the right track and that oral antibiotics were treating the infection. In some ways, I guess, it was a blessing in disguise. Molly had more time to get stronger (which helped her fight the infection) and, more times to work with the stoma nurses. Her last text message from the hospital about her last night were: I journaled, I read, and counted my blessings instead of sheep.

I know Jason and Nic are so happy to have their Mom and Dad back and their life! I'm sure it was the first time that I ever drove to MY house on Thanksgiving. I watched "The Witch is Dead" movie with Erin, Kelby and Paige and Molly and I agree with Dorothy: "there's no place like home."

We thank God for all of the great friends and family that prayed, studied her medical chart, kept the nurses on their toes, sat by her bed, fanned her when she was SO hot, brought food, sent cards and flowers, drove and picked up Dinna from the airport, prayed, kept the boys, and prayed some more.

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