Monday, November 19, 2007

Molly Still Isn't Home - Recovering from Emergency Surgery

Last Wednesday, I was on my way back to Cleveland when I got a call from Mark saying Molly had been taken in for emergency surgery. This turned out to be a major setback due to the unknown cause for the blood clot and excessive bleeding. Also, everything seems to move glaciarally slow at the Cleveland Clinic. Post-surgery, she remained in the recovery room for over 24 hours and the in SICU for another 24 hours. She was finally moved back to the nursing unit at midnight on Saturday night (after they said they didn't move people to the floor at night). There have been so many frustrating inconsistencies and delays but she is, at last, improving and supposed to return home by Wednesday.

I haven't really been in Delaware as much as I thought I would as Mark and Dinna and I have gone back-and-forth between here and Cleveland, a two hour drive. I did take a few photos here, driving to Cleveland and in the clinic which you will find in the slideshow. This is one my favorites, though.

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Susan said...

Gorgeous photo! So glad Molly is home.